Music classes for babies, toddlers and kids up to ages 4.5 in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset and Haight/Ashbury. Music Together® is a quality, fun, research based program for young children and the adults that love them. $10 off for fall before 8/4, $10 off for summer before 5/31. Call 415-745-1495 or Email us.

SF Music Together

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Summer and Fall Registration!

Registration is open for summer and fall. $10 off for fall before 8/4. $10 off for summer before 5/31. Click for the class schedule


Scholarships are available for low income families! Please email us if you are interested!

"Best music class my daughter and I have been to. The instructors are the absolute best. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you'll soon notice your child copying their every moves and expressions. It's truly eye-opening to see your baby grow and learn to really love the music and songs. You get CDs with the music each semester to listen to at home or in the car. Before you know it, your child will be able to anticipate the next song on the CD and start singing or humming their favorite tune out of nowhere."

Tammy A. SF Music Together mom