San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, The Haight, and Online.

What parents are saying!

"My 20-month-old is a Teacher Corey - SF Music Together fanatic! We have been attending his classes for over a year and they are the highlight of our week. My daughter 'reads' each songbook over and over, and my husband and I are convinced her recent language proliferation is in part due to all of the songs we sing together (she loves it when we sing for her and pause so she can fill in the blanks). We've even caught her humming and 'singing' whole lines of songs!
Teacher Corey is an absolute asset to SF Music Together. He loves what he does and it really shows: he is energetic, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and mindful of engaging kids and parents alike. My daughter loves him (even in this new Zoom context) and we are so grateful to have the constant of weekly SF Music Together classes during this strange period. Thank you so much, Ana, Corey, and team!"

Gemma B. on Yelp

"We love SFMT so much especially Teacher Corey! I knew with COVID-19 I didn't want to give up our weekly music class and am so grateful they have been able to continue via Zoom. Corey is a true performer and teacher, he has the most amazing command over a group of young children without trying to control them. His interactive Zoom backgrounds and dance cam have been lots of fun at home."

Leda B. on Google Reviews

"My little one has been going to classes at SF Music Together since he was a baby. He loves it and has now developed a sense of movement, rhythm and more. When music comes on, he starts to dance right away and it's so wonderful to watch him be so happy! He even tells Alexa to play his favorite songs which of course, include the songs from SF Music Together!"

KB Teo, Google review

"I just wanted to thank you all for this amazing class. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it has been amazing to see Freddie grow over the last few months. He started off pretty indifferent but now knows and requests the songs, asks for Adam, and even pulls out the instruments when it’s time for class. Adam is so engaging and teaches us all so much. Freddie being able to connect with his grandmas is an added bonus. It makes me so happy. 

I know how hard the pandemic has been, but I want to thank you and Adam for giving us something to look forward to each week. 

I sing your praises and recommend you to everyone I know - in and outside of SF. 

Thank you again."

Melanie P, SF Music Together Mom

"Our music class for the summer session with Teacher Corey started today. It was amazing! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without this class during SIP. It makes me feel like even though my girls aren't back in school yet, they're still getting a good education from Teacher Corey's music class. They sing, dance, learn new vocabulary, play instruments, interact with Corey, with me, see the other kids dancing via Zoom, etc. I genuinely think that every parent with kids 0-5 years old should sign their kids up for this class. It really is the best!"

Nina, SF Music Together Mom

"I just want to give a shout out to Adam. He is so fantastic and his class is so fun. Two weeks ago when he ran the first virtual session it went better than I could have expected. He’s just great!"

Erin M.

"If anyone is looking for a fun, engaging activity for their kids during this quarantine, I highly recommend signing up for an online music class through SF Music Together. My 3-year-old twin girls and I did a free trial of Teacher Corey's 10:30 AM class yesterday and absolutely loved it. I haven't seen them that engaged or happy in a very long time. Teacher Corey's class moved seamlessly from one song to the next. There was a great variety of songs, movement, lots of tapping with wooden spoons, etc. My favorite song from class was "Peas Porridge Hot," where the kids pretended they were stirring a pot with a wooden spoon, and Teacher Corey put up a cool background screen of a kitchen. I also loved the dance party part of class, where Corey played "Float On" by Modest Mouse, so the parents actually get to rock out, too! The class was SO GOOD, SO FUN, SO FULL OF JOY that I would even consider doing it online even when the lockdown is over."

Nina, SF Music Together Mom

"Thank you for a great class! It was awesome to see Addy light up when she saw her friends and her teacher virtually."


Savannah Norris

"I just wanted to say thank you for doing this Zoom class. Teacher Corey was fantastic as usual. Such a great way to keep us all sane and “normal.” We appreciate you all."

Munir, SF Music Together Dad

"This is one of the best online classes. It’s engaging and fun for my 18-month-old. It’s the same as in-person and Adam is so animated. It’s so nice that he calls on each kid."


SF Music Together Mom

"I first took my sons to Music Together® when they were two years old and two months old. MT is a wonderful program. The music does not stop when the class session ends. We had CD's for home and the car, we had a music book with illustrations and explanations. On long days at home, we would listen to the music and have our own "class". My sons, now 11 and 9, each play multiple instruments and are curious about and respect many forms and genres of music. I loved our time together at Music Together and I still sometimes sing "Stars Shining" to my boys when they can't settle down and get to sleep."

Patricia on Google Reviews

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for keeping the music classes going online during the shelter-in-place. Teacher Adam did a great job and kept everyone’s attention. We look forward to the next one!"



SF Music Together Mom

"I recently started classes at SF Music Together with my 5 month-old daughter. Music class is a highlight of our week. My daughter lights up, is very engaged, and tries to sing along/bop along to the music. The first time she sat up without support was in music class...I think she was so stimulated by the music and the other kids that her little spine shot straight up. I was so surprised! The teachers at SF Music Together are fantastic. They engage the kids and adults and provide a plethora of songs for everyday singing at home. Classes consist of singing, playing instruments, dancing, learning complex rhythms and tempos, and tactile stimulation. The class moves at a steady pace so that kids/babies have a very rich experience. This is not a class where you sit and listen to music. It's a visual, auditory, tactile, stimulating, and very fun experience for adults and kids. Highly recommended."

K.A. on Yelp

"My daughter (now 3 1/4) has been going to music class at SF Music Together ever since she was 6 months old. She now sings, learns lyrics very quickly, has a great sense of rhythm and tonal patterns and most importantly she has a love and deep appreciation for music. On top of that, I love the opportunity to sing happy, funny, sometimes silly, new, and classic songs from all over the world once a week!"

Bay List Mom Review

"The SF Music Together teachers really do an awesome job in carrying forth the spirit of the in-person classes through zoom, thanks for yours and their hard work and positivity!"

Dorothy Chiu

"We love teacher Emily. Emily is a great teacher and she is doing a fantastic job on Zoom. She is fun, genuine and is a fantastic musician."

SF Music Together Mom

"Best music class my daughter and I have been to. The instructors are the absolute best. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you'll soon notice your child copying their every moves and expressions. It's truly eye-opening to see your baby grow and learn to really love the music and songs. You get CDs with the music each semester to listen to at home or in the car. Before you know it, your child will be able to anticipate the next song on the CD and start singing or humming their favorite tune out of nowhere."

Tammy A., SF Music Together Mom

"Alexa has been coming to SF Music Together since she was around 9 months old, and it has been a very enriching experience for her. Like many children, she has loved/responded to music even before she could walk or talk, and she has gained quite a repertoire of songs that she sings around the house all the time. In fact, she is expanding her musical skills by making up her own songs now. As you probably know from her special requests in class, one of her favorite songs is the one about the pony galloping down the country lane. Anyway, thank you for your attention to Alexa and for providing her exposure to the gift of music!"

Naomi, SF Music Together Mom

"My then 1-year-old daughter and I attended at least two semesters with Teacher Emily in 2018. She is a treasure!! She was always so creatively engaged and kind to everyone. Now with my daughter (now 3) and 10 months old son, we have rejoined and have had classes with Teacher Adam and also with Teacher Corey. They are both also treasures! Especially during these isolated pandemic times, we are enjoying and benefiting from the live Zoom classes, the recorded classes, the dance classes, and having Grandparents attend our weekly class. What amazing perks! Thank you very much for such an amazing team."

Sonya Maeck

"Thank you for the wonderful classes with SF Music Together, which are a highlight of my 21-month-old son's week. All of the teachers at SF Music Together are without exception fantastic & have brought amazing energy, great musicality & a strong sense of fun to each class. This combined with the teachers' great understanding of children has made these classes exceptional. My son and I highly recommend them."

Lorna J., SF Music Together Mom

"I can't tell you how much Music Together has made a difference in our 2-year-old Skye's love for music in her 4th semester. She has a play guitar now and she strums the hello song and completely sings it, she looks like a mini version of you! She also got a harmonica and is loving that too! Thanks!"

Susan H., SF Music Together Mom

"We love our SF Music Together class! The classes are fun and dynamic and we look forward to them every week. Our teacher is an excellent and engaging and she really brings the music to life with movement, instruments for the kids, and an excellent singing voice. The Music Together CD is definitely my 9-month-old's favorite music CD because every time I play it at home he claps with joy. I think the classes have really helped my son learn about music and rhythm and I'm really glad I chose these classes with SF Music Together."

Kira, SF Music Together Mom

"I can honestly say that the SF Music Together class is the highlight of my son's week. He is always in the best mood after class. It's great that he loves something so much at such a little age (21 mos.). Thanks for everything."

Ryn F., SF Music Together Mom

"Whenever my son is having a hard time we sing the Music Together "Hello Song" and my son calms right down!"

Sarah M., SF Music Together Mom

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for keeping the music classes going during the shelter in place. Teacher Adam did a great job and kept everyone’s attention. We look forward to the next one!"

SF Music Together Mom

"Our son was about 7 or 8 months old when I started looking for engaging social activities designed for the infant/toddler crowd. I found SF Music Together through some internet searches and had a great recommendation from a friend at The Walden School (a music camp for bigger kids). We've been going for over a year (he is 2 now) and we all love it! ...The class is great because they have a booklet and CD so you can sing the songs with your kids. Many of the songs have hand gestures or dances and that makes the songs engaging to listen to at home and in the car."

Aimee D. on Yelp

"This music class is the only pre-COVID activity my daughter is still able to remotely participate in so we are grateful for the consistency. She loves Teacher Corey and can't wait to see him in person again!"

SF Music Together Mom

"My son can be reserved sometimes but when we are in the car he has a line up on songs he wants to hear and sings away! The mixed-age groups are great because it helps the older children be gentle and considerate for their younger classmates. We love Music Together!"

Gloria on Yelp

"Music Together is a great experience for parents and babies!... I have been attending the baby class with my 4/5-month-old daughter. She and I both have a lot of fun. These classes are a great way to introduce music, singing, instruments and even dance to your little ones."

Suzanne K. on Yelp

"My son of 9 months is the youngest in his class and his observant eyes take in EVERY detail he sits up straight and especially loves watching all the older kids walk around and interact in any way that feels comfortable for them. I also love how the kids help put all of the props and instruments away after every song. Big Thank You to SF MUSIC TOGETHER you all rock!!"

Sharon S. on Yelp

"Both valuable and essential for sensory development, music has proven time and again to assist with sensory integration. The classes are intimate with the perfect mix of auditory stimulation and movement as well as the use of instruments. Also a great location. Worth every penny!"

Marlene C. on Yelp

"These classes aren't just your typical music classes – they teach rhythm, musical patterns, and it's all done through research. We are so lucky to have found MT with Ana Lubliner early and it has helped us in a tremendous way. By the way, the music CD's are a lifesaver in the car. When my daughter gets cranky, we just turn up the CD's and all the crying and tantrums go away"

C.L. on Yelp

"We love SF Music Together and look forward to every class! Teacher Corey is the best."

Natasha S. on Google Reviews