San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, The Haight, and Online.

Zoom instructions

Zoom Instructions:

1) Login in using your link and password. Before you enter the meeting make sure all browser/extra applications are closed on your computer.

2) Make sure the lights and volume are turned up in your computer/ipad.

3) Enter TOGGLE NEXT TO YOUR NAME AND RENAME YOURSELF WITH YOUR CHILDS NAME when you arrive, so your teacher can sing hello and goodbye!

4) On the top right, there are 2 view options – GALLERY lets you see everyone. SPEAKER enlarges the speaker. 

5) Bring favorite instruments and toys, and a blanket.

6) When class begins, the teacher will mute everyone.

7) Sing and participate! We never expect your child to participate, as long as you are fully participating your child will absorb the music from you!! 

8) If your child wanders away it is totally fine, you can do the activities anywhere in your home. 

7) After class, you can say hello to your teacher.

8) If Zoom crashes now and again, stay with us and it should pop back up! 

9) Digital music and digital songbooks are included in the price. We will send you a code.

10) Thank you for being a part of our community!