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Spring-1350 Waller

1350 Waller
@ Masonic
San Francisco, Ca 94117


All Saints' Church is located at 1350 Waller Street, in the heart of the historic Haight/Ashbury District. It is located three doors right off Masonic on Waller Street. Waller Street is one block above Haight.

The church building is the third structure from the corner of this residential, Victorian-style neighborhood.

As you are facing the church, go into the large white gate on your right.  Walk down the gateway and there we are!

From downtown head west on Fell and turn left on Masonic and travel four fairly long blocks to Waller and turn right.


Weekday parking in the Haight
On Masonic, between Page and Oak, there is a Catholic church on 1025 Masonic. They have a big white zone and it's legal to park there on weekdays (this if for weekdays only -not weekends).  You can very often find a space there. On the road Buena Vista West, the road right next to the park, there are often spaces between Waller and Central. In addition, there is two hour parking on Haight street between Masonic and Central. 

Weekend parking in Haight
There are often spaces between Waller and Central on Buena Vista West. Sometimes if you go further up the hill, you can find parking there. 

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