San Francisco Music Together

What parents are saying!

Best music class my daughter and I have been to. The instructors are the absolute best. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you'll soon notice your child copying their every moves and expressions. It's truly eye-opening to see your baby grow and learn to really love the music and songs. You get CDs with the music each semester to listen to at home or in the car. Before you know it, your child will be able to anticipate the next song on the CD and start singing or humming their favorite tune out of no where.

Tammy A. SF Music Together mom

My daughter (now 3 1/4) has been going to music class at SF Music Together ever since she was 6 months old. She now sings, learns lyrics very quickly, has a great sense of rhythm and tonal patterns and most importantly she has a love and deep appreciation for music. On top of that, I love the opportunity to sing happy, funny, sometimes silly, new and classic songs from all over the world once a week!

Bay List Mom Review

Alexa has been coming to SF Music Together since she was around 9 months old, and it has been a very enriching experience for her. Like many children, she has loved/responded to music even before she could walk or talk, and she has gained quite a repertoire of songs that she sings around the house all the time. In fact, she is expanding her musical skills by making up her own songs now. As you probably know from her special requests in class, one of her favorite songs is the one about the pony galloping down the country lane. Anyway, thank you for your attention to Alexa and for providing her exposure to the gift of music!- Naomi, mommy of Alexa now in her 10th semester!

Naomi- SF Music Together mom

Thank you for the wonderful classes with SF Music Together, which are a highlight of my 21 month old son's week. All of the teachers @ SF Music Together are without exception fantastic & have brought amazing energy, great musicality & a strong sense of fun to each class. This combined with the teachers' great understanding of children has made these classes exceptional. My son and I highly recommend them.

Lorna J., mother of 21 month old

I can't tell you how much Music Together® has made a difference in our 2 year old Skye's love for music in her 4th semester. She has a play guitar now and she strums the hello song and completely sings it, she looks like a mini version of you! She also got a harmonica and is loving that too! Thanks!

Susan H., SF Music Together mom

We love our SF Music Together class! The classes are fun and dynamic and we look forward to them every week. Our teacher is an excellent and engaging and she really brings the music to life with movement, instruments for the kids, and an excellent singing voice. The Music Together CD is definitely my 9 month old’s favorite music CD because every time I play it at home he claps with joy. I think the classes have really helped my son learn about music and rhythm and I'm really glad I chose these classes with SF Music Together.

Kira, mother of 9 month old son

I can honestly say that the SF Music Together class is the highlight of my sons week. He is always in the best mood after class. It's great that he loves something so much at such a little age. Thanks for everything.

Ryn F. mother of 21 month old

Whenever my son is having a hard time we sing the Music Together "Hello Song" and my son calms right down!

Sarah M., mother of 2 year old