San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset and The Haight.

Your Music


Welcome to the Family Music Zone!

We want you and your little ones to continue the music making at home and on the go – so we made it really easy! The Family Music Zone is a place where you can stream and download your music, and find more ways to play along with Music Together® at home. Log into your account here or create a new account if you are a new family!


Hello Everybody App



Log in to our Hello Everybody App on your mobile device(s) using the email address and password you used to create your Family Music Zone account, and your Music Together songs will be preloaded. Plus, you can turn the vocals off and try some Music Together karaoke!



Here are some of the features for you to explore: 

  • Stream or download all of your Music Together songs 
  • Show or hide on-screen lyrics 
  • Turn the vocals up or down—or off completely for an instrumental track to make up your own words 
  • Try Music Together karaoke and use your device’s camera to record to the music and share 
  • Flip through the award-winning Singalong Storybook Hello, Everybody! 


The Music

The amazing research-based collections are what guide your child's musical journey:

  • Music is pitched in just the right range for children’s voices
  • All in a rich variety of tonalities and meters that you won't hear as often on Pandora!
  • Includes traditional American folk songs and chants
  • Music from many other cultures
  • Always includes at least one song per collection in another language
  • Your child's ear is exposed to complex music, which will further their musical development
  • We also offer Music Together in Spanish now where the entire collection is translated!

Each song is brought to life through illustrations by award-winning artist Jaime Kim that will inspire your family to sing and snuggle at home!


Your Role

Your participation as a music-maker in class, and every day is the best support of all! What do you do?

  • Sing the music at home AND all over town!
  • Dance to the music at home!
  • Makeup new lyrics to songs!
  • Participate in class!
  • Role-model for your child that making music is joyful, and you don't have to be perfect and they will absorb that message from you!
  • Research shows out that most children will NOT participate in class, THEY WILL PARTICIPATE AT HOME!!
  • They absorb the music in class and then allow it to come out at home!

So, don't worry if you don't know the words or if you don't think you can sing. Do it anyway. Your child will remember that you sang for her and that music is a part of all of us.