San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset and The Haight and Online Worldwide.

Registration FAQ

  • Where do I register? Register online here.  Returning families can also email/text us with the day/time they want and we can take care of registration.
  • Can I register late for a class? Yes! Simply schedule make-ups yourself here for the missed classes.
  • Do registered siblings get a discount? Yes, a second child registering for the same class with a sibling gets a substantial discount. Instructions here. 
  • Can one adult bring 2 children? Yes. We have many adults supervising two children.
  • Infant siblings under 8 months are free with a registered sibling in the same class!  Just bring your infant sibling to class, no need to register them.
  • Do we register for one class, or rotate? Children stay in the same class to foster community and stability for your child, which is so essential at this age.
  • What if my child's nap schedule or my schedule changes and we need to switch classes within a semester? If you need to change classes we are happy to help you out! Just contact us!
  • If I need to switch classes, what is more important, the teacher, or the program? The program! If you need to switch class times and teachers, the most important thing for your child is to stay consistent with the Music Together® program. This is how their musical development will be given the maximum advantage.
  • Membership: Registration is easy and continuous
  • Registration rolls over each semester and we take care of registration for you, charging your card on file.
  • Want to change classes? It is easy just email/text and we will change classes for you!
  • Cancellation policies: We are a small business and we are committed to paying our teachers regardless of the circumstances.  We are so sorry but we cannot offer refunds at this time so that we can continue to pay our teachers. We are committed to creating online classes and will run online classes and will return to live classes as soon as it is safe to do so.  If you only want in-person classes we will credit you for up to a year!  If classes are cancelled, we will extend the semester online and/or offer make-ups in the future. We are so sorry but no refunds will be given due to government shutdowns, quarantines, natural disasters or government edicts.