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We are happy to offer music classes that include babies and infants. Music Together® classes are designed for newborns on up and are developmentally appropriate for newborns.

Research indicates that from birth to eight months is one of the most advantageous times to have your baby begin to be exposed to music. The earlier you can offer music classes to your child, the more powerful it is for your babies future musical development. 

Early exposure to music is similar to early exposure to language. We naturally speak to our children to teach them how to speak from infancy. The younger a child can begin to hear and be exposed to music the comfortable and natural music will be as they grow and develop.

The process is similar in our Music Together classes. We expose them to "the language of music" in our classes. We sing, dance and play instruments and your baby begins the process of absorbing pitch and rhythm. The process is natural and fun. The classes also teach you to bring the "language of music" home so you can continue the process of joyful music making.

At what age should my baby begin classes? Now! The earlier you can immerse your baby in the language of music the more benefits your infant will receive. We have newborns, one and two month old's on up! 

What do I expect from my infant in class? Remember your child is in a very open state and will not have a lot of external reactions in class. However they are absorbing a tremendous amount. Once they become toddlers the benefit and advantage of starting them so early may show in their comfort levels with music.

What classes do you offer for babies? We offer both infant classes ( 0 - 9 months) and mixed ages (0 - 5). classes.

Which baby music classes are more beneficial for my infant: Mixed ages or baby classes? We believe they are equally as powerful for your infant. We suggest you choose a class based on the best schedule for you and your baby! You are allowed 2 semesters in a babies class - then it is time to go to a mixed ages class.

Infant classes: Infants receive wonderful benefits from early exposure to music and movement. The music activities and materials in this class are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants. Meet other parents of newborns and learn specific music activities you can recreate at home with your baby. The classes are slower and more gentle than a mixed ages class.

Mixed ages: In mixed ages classes babies have an opportunity to "look up" to older children putting away instruments, clapping to the beat et. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older children, older children learn by leading, and adults are happy because the whole family experiences music together. The whole family is welcome for this important musical experience. Infants learn about behavior by looking up to "big kids" in the classes. When they are old enough they will begin to follow suit and suddenly as a toddler they are putting away the instruments too! This is the essential "Music Together center in Hopewell, New Jersey has shown that mixed ages classes are the most powerful for your child's developmental process. After having experimented with separating the ages, Music Together decided to keep the children in mixed ages classes.

Class Schedule Start Date Duration End Date Teacher Notes Register

Village Music - Inner Sunset
1383 9th ave - Inner Sunset
San Francisco, Ca. 94122
location map
Babies classes - (newborn to 9 months) Tuesday 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM 03/26/19 10 weeks 05/28/19 Teacher Corey Register

1350 Waller - Haight/Ashbury
1350 Waller
@ Masonic
SF, CA 94117
location map
Babies classes - (newborn to 9 months) Wednesday 11:30 AM 04/03/19 10 weeks 06/05/19 Teacher Alexandra Register


Research continues to grow in relation to babies and the power of music to light up the whole brain! Here are few links:

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We recommend the book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain Neurologist and Professor Oliver Sacks offers some amazing reading that culls research and personal experience with the power of music for all ages.