San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, The Haight, and Online.

Terms of agreement and waiver of liability

I, the undersigned, give consent for my child, named below, to participate in Music Together™ music lessons (the "Program") conducted by SF Music Together on the premises The All Saints Church 1350 Waller, SF. Ca. 94117, 1383 9th Village Music, 94122, Capoeira Brasil San Francisco 3906 Irving street, SF Ca. 94122 or any location that holds SF Music Together classes. By signing below, I represent and warrant that I am a parent or legal guardian of the child; that I have authority to give consent for my child; and, if only one signature is provided below, that I am my child’s sole parent or legal guardian.

I understand and agree that I, or the other adult who accompanies my child to the Program, will be solely responsible for my child at all times while he or she is participating in the Program.  I also understand and agree that I am assuming all risk of illness, injury or harm that my child may incur as a result of his or her participation in the Program.  I understand that the adult who accompanies my child to the Program is expected to participate in the Program with my child and agree that I or the other adult who accompanies my child will supervise my child and be aware of my child's actions at all times.  I further agree that I or the other adult who accompanies my child will be ready and willing to intervene should any type of conflict or problem arise.  An argument or disagreement between my child and another child is one example of a situation where I or the other adult accompanying my child will be expected to get involved to resolve the issue.

I represent and warrant that I have read and will follow SF Music Together's Class Guidelines, and any other rules or guidelines that SF Music Together may decide are necessary or useful to the Program.  I understand that the Company cannot guarantee that my child will be allowed to participate in the Program.  I further understand that Village Music, The All Saints Church, Capoeira Brasil San Francisco SF Music Together and any location or person involved with SF Music Together may prohibit any person from entering its premises if it determines in its sole discretion that doing so will be in the best interests of the any location that SF Music Together uses or SF Music Together, the person who is excluded or any other person. Any person or child can be asked to leave the SF Music Together program if it is deemed necessary.

In electronically clicking the" I agree box", I am signing electronically, I acknowledge that I have read this Consent and Waiver and understand it; that my signing is both knowing and voluntary; and that I have not relied on any promises or representations, written or oral, not expressly contained in this Consent and Waiver. 

A $45.00 fee will be non-refundable from tuition if cancellation occurs before your first class.
No refunds or cancellations after your first class.
A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.


  • I agree to adhere to all safety guidelines as explained by the teacher and keep a close watch on my children or whomever I deem responsible. I will not leave my child alone at any time and will not ask a teacher to watch my child at any time.
  • My child is my primary responsibility: I will watch my child at all times and intervene if needed to prevent or stop unsafe activities. No hitting, wrestling or throwing instruments, any objects or jumping off of high places.
  • Please aim for no running for children over two years old.
  • Please no climbing on the stage or standing on the benches.
  • Please do not bring hot beverages into class or any glass bottles, and no eating in class.
  • Dogs and pets are not allowed on any area of the premise at all including outside.
  • Please support your child during the entire time you are in the classroom by fully participating and refraining from talking.

Questions or concerns?

Feel free contact us with all of your questions and concerns. Your feedback is welcome and want to help your children get the most out of our classes. by e-mail at