San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset and The Haight.

Illness policies.

Illness policies:

  • We offer make-ups to request that you and your children stay home when ill.
  • Please stay home if your child is sick, and/or has anything contagious.
  • Please stay home if you or whomever the adult caregiver that brings your child to music class is sick. You can always have another caregiver come instead of the primary caregiver. Or schedule a make-up.
  • Please schedule a make-up online when you any adult caregiver and/or your child are well.
  • We are happy to help you schedule make-ups.

In class:

  • Please be very careful about watching for any instruments children mouths in class and put it in the wet bucket.
  • Please wash your hands carefully after you change a diaper.
  • Clean your children's hands before hand stamps.
  • Please wash your hands frequently.