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Teacher Corey

Teacher Corey has been teaching guitar, piano, and brass instruments to children of all ages since 2010. In his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, he spent his days teaching both all across the city and in a dedicated music studio, while he spent his nights nannying four young children that he adores. In 2008 he received his Bachelor's in Music Performance, and since then has performed for bands, productions, and orchestras – but he found that he had the most fun playing for children at daycares and preschools. His passion for music and for children has shaped him into a dedicated, empathetic teacher who loves sharing his enthusiasm with children in San Francisco, and online. 

"Teacher Corey is amazing! From the way he interacts with the kids, you can tell he is genuinely interested in them and loves kids.  He's enthusiastic and caring.  It usually takes my son a long time to warm up to people and he usually does not like being held or sitting still but he will voluntarily sit on Teacher Corey's lap and follow his directions." - Joyce

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Mixed Ages (0-5 years) ONLINE Monday 9:30 AM - 10:10 AM 04/05/21 1 day 04/05/21 Teacher Corey
Mixed Ages (0-5 years) ONLINE Monday 10:30 AM - 11:10 AM 04/05/21 1 day 04/05/21 Teacher Corey
Mixed Ages (0-5 years) ONLINE Wednesday 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM 04/07/21 1 day 04/07/21 Teacher Corey
Mixed Ages (0-5 years) ONLINE Friday 10:30 AM - 11:10 AM 04/09/21 1 day 04/09/21 Teacher Corey