San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, The Haight, and Online.

Music classes for babies, toddlers and kids.

Join our fun music classes for newborns up to five years old in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset and the Haight and  ONLINE WORLDWIDE.  You can join us late! 

Show classes for:
Mixed Ages (0-5 years) ONLINE

This is the essential "Music Together®" class, one for infants (newborns to 9 months), toddlers (9 months to 2), and big kids  (2 to 5 years old) up to five years old in the same class.

They can attend from birth through kindergarten through all nine song collections for ages 0-5. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older children, older children learn by leading, and adults are happy because the whole family experiences music together. The whole family is welcome for this important musical experience.

Research has shown that mixed ages classes are wonderful for your child's developmental process. After having experimented with separating the ages, Music Together decided to keep the children in mixed ages classes.

The children learn from one another in this unique opportunity. The infants look up to the bigger kids as role models and become entranced with the older children. The older children can become helpers in class, learn be nurturing and can become a "role model." Parents let go of comparing children of the same age and simply relax into the family environment.


Babies (newborn to 12 months) ONLINE

Infants receive wonderful benefits and advantages from early exposure to music and movement.  Research shows that 0 - 12 months is a powerful time for your child to absorb basic pitch and rhythm. The music activities, parent education, and materials in this class are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants. Plus you can socialize with other parents of newborns.
As the semester's progress, parents see their babies response to music: cooing with the songs, smiles, waving arms or a shift in eye focus.
You will receive "Babies Music Together" recordings at home and see your child's response to the recordings as they are developing their musicality. Once your child is 12 months they get to "graduate" to a mixed ages class! 


Music Together® con Español

(Newborn to 5 Years) Enroll in Music Together® con Español and try algo nuevo—something new! Music Together con Español is a bilingual English/Spanish version of the Music Together mixed-age class you know and love. All of your Music Together songs translated into Spanish onto song sheets. Our bilingual Teachers will integrate Spanish vocabulary into song verses and parent communication will be held in both languages in class. Ideas that can hacer que cada día sea más divertido—make every day more fun! 


Private classes with Zoom

Do you want a private class for you and friends? For your mom's group? Kids st home? Schedule one with us privately!! Contact the office for details. Please let us know dates/day of week and times! This open worldwide and open all ages.